API Common Usages

A RBdigital API developer has an opportunity to build almost any style application, from a native or web based mobile device application, to a backend server application supporting a libraries ILS system. Already extant applications include mobile web application on both android and ios, and a Windows client. Under current development are advanced title search solutions, Metro style client, and a new web portal for library clients.

Design decisions taken for the API have ensured the applicability of the widest client base. The choice to forego SOAP based RPC style web services, with its envelope heavy approach to interoperability and its brittle granular approach to service offerings, ensures that the developer will not be lost in specifications for much of the time while building solutions.

The choice to embrace HTTP as an application platform, with it's standard contract verbs POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, ensures facile comprehension of how to accomplish tasks using the API. HTTP is familiar to the widest swath of developers. In the current technological environment, everyone understands the concepts of resources. Resources available to HTTP for manipulation via PUT, creation via POST, removal via DELETE, and fetching via GET.

Along with the exponential growth of HTTP based APIs, is the adoption of JSON as the standard format for data. JSON is the exclusive format used by the RBdigital API. This choice simplifies development, and lightens payload.