Partner API


Start with the uppermost tab and work your way down to execute a common use case.


Selections Partner:


Welcome to the OneClickdigital API Holdings Search SPA. This single-page-application is designed to assist the partner developer gain understanding of how the API works, and to visualize a simple use case. Begin by following the Steps in order.

Partner Info

Enter your Partner bearer token, click 'Validate'. A list of libraries associated with the Partner will appear. Select one and move on to the next step.

The first time may take a while as the API may be dormant.

Patron Lookup

Patron email, barcode, or librarycardnumber

After entering a patron's email, barcode, or library card number, click the 'Fetch' button to execute a search for the patron. If successful, a patron id will appear. The search may be executed multiple times, and multiple results may be retained for subsequent use. When all searching is complete, select a patron id and continue on to the next step.

Miscellaneous Stuff